Producer of forged steel grinding balls and steel grinding rods

Litzkuhn & Niederwipper GmbH

We are a producer of forged steel grinding balls and steel grinding rods for the crushing industry. We act internationally and supply customers all over the world. With a production capacity of approximately 25,000 tons per year we supply the mining industry, aerated concrete industry, flue gas desulphurisation plants and many more.

specialist for grinding balls

DIN-ISO-9002 certified*

*still in progress

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Forged steel grinding balls

highest quality for best the grinding result

Flexible production meets every customer request.

We produce our grinding balls with the highest quality standards. It starts with choosing the right raw material at selected German and European steel mills and ends with a continuous quality control during the production process. The automated tempering technology of the steel grinding balls ensures optimal wear resistance with maximum breaking strength. Due to our special wear-resistant martensite texture, a high abrasion resistance is achieved with rubbing and with beating wear. As a result, our balls have a positive effect on the energy balance and the overall costs.

Steel grinding rods

L&N 350

Our grinding rods are produced exclusively with high chrome steel.
This results in a high abrasion resistance and the wear duration increases.
The grinding rods are confirm with EN 10060.

Service and Shipping

flexibility for every customer request

With our in-house tool making and repair shop, we are completely independent of external companies.

This ensures the customer a high level of reliability and we can respond flexibly to all inquiries. Due to many years of experience in shipping and good contacts to freight forwarders, we deliver your goods at low cost and take care of any coordination. We are very experienced in exporting our products and send them worldwide. Since 1997 we have delivered grinding balls to 97 countries. We ship our balls in 20' containers and have highly trained shipping staff for a professional load securing.

We have various packaging options to meet every customer. We can deliver our grinding balls in big bags or drums. Our grinding rods are packed in bundles.

Litzkuhn & Niederwipper


The company L & N was founded in 1997 by Wolf-Michael Litzkuhn and Guido Niederwipper in Lindlar. Since the first produced grinding ball the production line has been constantly improved and modernized. Today, we achieve an annual capacity of 25.000 tons grinding balls with consistently high quality.

On 31.12.2014 Wolf-Michael Litzkuhn left the company and entered into a well-deserved retirement – since then Guido Niederwipper continues to run the company as sole shareholding managing director.

Guido Niederwipper
managing director
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Simon Lex

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Karin Niederwipper

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